Things are Getting Tough for messaging giant WhatsApp

The messaging arena of the telecommunication industry experienced a true revolution in 2009 in the form of WhatsApp. Mobile messaging service had to face one of the most drastic forces of change in its sector by WhatsApp. So what exactly did WhatsApp do?

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Things are getting tough for WhatsApp

Let’s take a moment to understand that WhatsApp was popular even before it was acquired for a whopping $19 billion by Facebook. The transformation in the mobile messaging platform was brought about by WhatsApp through a concept which is universally accepted – free exchange of messages regardless of national or even international boundaries.

Everyone grasped this wonderful opportunity by quickly getting on the bandwagon and WhatsApp never looked back. Well, at least not immediately. Currently WhatsApp is also offering voice calls to users. Messaging apps like WhatsApp offer users the ability to freely exchange messages without having to pay their mobile operators. Using the mobile data connection or Wi-Fi, users can send not only text-based messages but also pictures, videos, and even place voice calls.

Messaging Applications

The Marketplace is filled with Messaging Applications

While the marketplace is filled with messaging apps which offer numerous features, there are some which stand out. Let’s look at the key concerns for mobile messaging applications and where they stand in the competition.


Registration process for messaging apps in the modern day has taken the most effective form by creating the user account using their phone number. WhatsApp like most others syncs the phone contacts to automatically detect users on the app contact list.

WhatsApp, Telegram and Viber require the phone number as the user name. Kik still requires users to work on a username basis. ringID stands out amidst the competition requiring no personal details from users except their name and a password. All registered users are provided a unique 8-digit ringID while the option to use a phone number or email is also available however not mandatory.

Kik and ringID truly standout providing users more control over their contacts and activities using the respective apps. This level of privacy is ultimately targeted towards the modern day user due to the fact that the phone number has become much too public.

Voice Calling

WhatsApp recently has successfully introduced the highly anticipated voice calling feature for its users on iPhone and Android. Viber and Line both have voice calling features but Skype was the pioneer in enabling the most successful voice calling while disregarding mobile operators. Most messaging apps offer voice calling, or plan to launch this much-needed feature soon.

Skype and Line standout amid others by allowing users the ability to hold conference calls. Viber can claim to be among the top 5 preferred voice calling app. However, ringID offers the most economic data consumption for video calls among all of its well-placed competitors.

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List of Features Available in Popular Messaging Apps


Security of user information is vital! Regardless of the unawareness of the user until the damage is done, security is the top most priority. This was the concept behind the creation of Snapchat to provide users with a secure and secret platform. However, it has in many aspects failed to gain trust. WhatsApp and others have also had issues with information security.

Telegram was launched with combined features of WhatsApp and Snapchat, however, it rose above the competition due to its high elements of security. During the development phase, security was the foremost concern as claimed and proven by the developers. With its own mobile protocol, ringID too joins this exclusive list with Telegram for a secure exchange of messages.

Let’s look at the following table which gives a compact view of the many mobile messaging apps with what they offer:

While they may not be targeted towards the same audience, it sure shows the temptation for companies to offer an all-in-one solution. With so many new apps in the marketplace, the competition is only getting stronger for companies while the users are ready to embrace MORE than they ever imagined. Apps like ringID, Kik and Telegram are surely going all in!

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