Psychedelic Renaissance of Messaging App Technology


Psychedelic Renaissance of App Technology

There was a fascinating article by Timothy Leary in 60’s called Programming the Psychedelic Experience. The theory explains if you could successfully pattern and sequence, the input signals that the subject would receive when someone is in psychedelic odyssey, you could literally assure the functional output and guarantee a functional catharsis. Our messaging apps have been following this theory. We have learnt to express our feelings since the Stone Age. Then we use to pattern our signal by drawing on rocks and now, we are patterning signals by sending information and share data. We are communicating digitally by using our messaging apps by sending images or emojis, same way as we used to draw pictures on the rocks. By expressing our feelings, we are transforming signals digitally via social media and messaging apps and generating outputs by overwhelming or influencing people in our network.  Some messaging apps merging social media have become tools for interpersonal transformation. This is the moment we are going through a psychedelic renaissance of app technology.

Messaging apps can be called a psychedelic drug to relieve stress, mind exercise and helps users brain to mirror subjects about specific conversations. While using messaging app the users put them into an orbital position in the network by surfing different groups. They understand and exchange patterns or thoughts and control the environment. The virtual world becomes like the sense surround system.

By using messaging app, users are exchanging their moods as they are receiving signal or text from the other user and changing his/her patterns of thinking which is changing their mood. The users are actually soul surfing by connecting their inner space to digital space. No user would appreciate if this digitally sense surround system is interrupted by sharing wrong information unintentionally. For this reason, smartphone app developers have invented a feature of message retrieval.

The feature provides a facility to delete the message or the data sent to the any contact in the device. The message or shared information can be removed from both of the devices. There are some apps available in app stores with this feature. One of the reliable names is ringID. This app has feature of deleting messages from both of the devices without storing any information. Users can perfectly soul surf now, send message and delete or retrieve if sent wrong one. Another perfect feature for soul surfing is, sharing secrets. Users can set a timer with expiration time or date and their conversations will appear on the screen according to the time limit.


The app also support VoIP calling – The calls are without crisp and supports P2P network worldwide. ringID provides facility to users to be orbital position by creating and join groups. The app also provides more digital space and controlled environment to the users by providing newsfeed. This feature is beneficial for any user or consumer or any group of users sharing work. They can share comments on comments section also have a conversation about it. If any data shared in secret chat, the data will not be available after provided time in the timer expires. Unlike other apps on app store the app supports video calling. As mentioned, it supports P2P network, video calling by this app will remain uninterrupted.

According to the founders of ringID, Ayrin Islam and Sharif Islam, using different apps can be difficult for the users. Apps with different features consume more memory in smart phones. They have tried to create something unique for the users that consume less memory and have mostly needed features in a single app. They have created an app that provides chance to the users to digitally soul surf.

With the feature of calls, video calls, messaging, newsfeed, sharing audio and video files, texts and emojis – ringID is an app which makes users’ connect their inner space with digital space.


ringID Offers Message Retrieval Service