ringID – one of the best apps for free video calling now available on Play Store, App Store, Windows Store and more!

Social media concepts of Facebook got a major change as new messaging applications launched features like free video calls and messaging. These days every social media application intends to include these options. But for most of these, the video call feature uses up an excessive mobile data. As not many countries are blessed with cheaper internet services, excessive data consumption can lead to an unsatisfactory communication experience from both ends. It seems newcomer ringID has noticed this issue and tries to solve the problem with its high-quality video calls which are engineered to consume less data without compromising on call quality.

best video chat apps

ringID – One of the best video chat apps

ringID, a secured application for exchanging messages, has decided to incorporate a bunch of features into it. Some of its popular features are broadcasting HD videos and sharing and streaming delightful songs. Not only that, you will be able to enjoy all these brand new features at a wonderfully low data usage rate.

For us, its best feature is how it ensures low bandwidth usage rate to enable you to make HD video calls to your friends and other relatives at the fastest times possible. It definitely gives ringID a clear edge over other video chat applications.

For example, where skype takes 30 kilobytes data per second and tango takes 60 kilobytes per second for performing a moderate video call, ringID takes only 12 kilobytes per second to do the very same. ringID has its own protocol for voice and video calls which enables it to implement a mechanism of using lower data rate for a better communication experience.

Video calling is amazingly easy with ringID. To start a video call, all you have to do is pick the person whom you want to call in the contact list and tap on his or her name. A set of functions will be available including video call. You just have to tap on that video call icon again and make video calls as you wish.

ringID’s well-managed architecture ensures that users are going to have a better video call function. Also with ringID, video calls between Android and iPhone will be a great experience for the users who suffer from a lack of fluency in communication across platforms.

Besides the addition of the HD video calling feature, you can also either stream or download all your favorite tracks by using its latest Media Cloud. Through this feature, you will be able to download songs or videos or upload so your friends can do the same, and enjoy those songs during your free time without connecting to the internet.

This brand new app, which has brilliantly displayed everything on the table to you, and simultaneously is saving a lot of space in your phone, runs perfectly in Windows, iOS, and Android. It is also available in desktop and web as well. It comes with all sorts of important features to be a complete social network, but it seems, its free video calls with low data consumption will give it a positive edge for becoming the best free video calling app among the available ones.


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