Google Pixel Phone has a feature which is making the world crazy even before its release!

Google Pixel Phone

Verizon Leakage of Google Phones

Photo Courtesy – Verizon

We now know many things about the upcoming smartphone flagship project from Google courtesy of various websites including a Canadian phone company “Bell”, the British phone store “Carphone Warehouse” and American Telephone and Telegraph Company “Verizon”. For marketing purposes or accidentally, they have posted early images of Google Pixel phone and exposed many of its features. One of them is really interesting and we know nothing at all about it called Google Magic. It might be carrier advertising as it is listed on Verizon’s website which used to sell devices to businesses or it could be a Google feature by this name.

Those leakage also suggest Google will have 2 variant of Pixel, Pixel and Pixel XL in 3 colors – White, black and blue. Reportedly, Pixel will be 5 inches and Pixel XL will be 5.5 inches with AMOLED screen, like their predecessors. They will have fast charging technology, 15 minutes of charging will get you 7 hours of battery life. Not bad, eh?

We are just a few more hours away from Google’s October 4th event to get confirmation for all these information and even more. Keep in touch with us to learn more!

Phone by Google