Google announces YouTube TV service for $35 only to beat rival Sling TV or DirecTV Now

YouTube, an American video sharing website and one of the hottest subsidiaries of Google, will replace your cable TV with YouTube TV – and yes! It is truly happening this time.

Like Sling TV or DirecTV, you pay a certain amount (which is $35 in this case) and enjoy an array of live broadcasting series and cable channels. These announcements are made in an event in California today.


Younger people, who we know as millennials, tend to watch TV in the same place they watch all their online content. YouTube knows that very well and they now want to capture this market with YouTube TV service. The experience can be enjoyed from all devices whether it is your phone or desktop or any other.

YouTube is using the cloud technology which they are calling Cloud DVR where users can save unlimited number of shows without having to worry about storage capacity as the traditional DVR has. However, you have to be connected to the internet to enjoy your saved shows, no offline here.


The company also said that it will be a completely different app from the original YouTube one. The customer experience in this app will be solid. They can call, email or chat with customer service right from the YouTube TV app. Cable TV now better watch out, because they really suck at that.

The app will have three sections:

  1. Library: meant to help you to find your favorite shows as well as your recordings.
  2. Home: the central tab where YouTube will suggest you different shows based on your taste. Google says, it’s using machine learning to make these predictions.
  3. Live: used for channel surfing, to record a show simple tap the ‘+’ icon.


With $35 subscription you are getting six accounts, so your entire family of six members will be covered (if you have more members get another subscription!) Head over to to learn more.

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Photo Courtesy: TheNextWeb


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