5 of the best Video Call and Chat apps you can download in 2016

In 2003, Swedish duo Niklas Zennström and the Dane Janus Friis unveiled an app named Skype which can be used for video calling. They have revolutionized the way we communicate with our family, friends or colleagues today. Now there are hundreds of applications out there offering free video calls. But how can we find the one best app to start a video call? I have come up with 5 best video call apps for 2016 to help our users.


Google Hangouts

In 2004, Google introduced Google Talk which was discontinued later on. Now Google has redesigned its communication service and named it Hangouts, which was released in 2015. Google hangouts lets you video call, group video chat up to 10 people simultaneously, send personal messages with emoji, share files, make phone calls (charges applied). They have also integrated public, live broadcasting feature with Hangouts on Air. It works just like Facebook Live. It also has an extension for chrome users. But Google Hangouts is not free from technical problems especially when a user is trying to hang up a video call.


Pros & Cons of Google Hangouts

Download: Android, iOS



                Skype can be found everywhere! Its compatibility stretches from smartphones to desktops, tablets, televisions, PlayStation, X-Box with 700 million registered users. It is the oldest from of apps to make video calls, do voice chats and send instant messages. But Skype is no error-free app. There is frequent background noise and call connections drop from time to time.


Pros & Cons of Skype

Download: All Platforms



                Why I am mentioning FaceTime here is because it remains one of the most popular apps in the market and it can only be found in apple devices (built in video chat options for iPhones, iPads and Macs). If your friends or family are on iOS devices, FaceTime is simply the best option. But if you are a non-Apple person then Apple FaceTime is a non-existent solution for you.


Pros & Cons of Apple’s FaceTime

Download: iOS


Facebook Messenger

                You may already be using Facebook messenger and making a billion calls every day! Facebook initially launched its video calling service through messenger to a very few selected nations (USA with 17 other nations) and now it has expanded the service to nearly everyone. It has gained its popularity due to a simple and easy to use interface. Though it has its own faults such as Facebook messenger can record your audio anytime without your permission (included in terms and conditions). Facebook is also forcing its users to download the messenger app. If you are happy with all these distractions and you have a powerful battery, then of course you are using one of the best video calling apps.


Pros & Cons of Facebook Messenger

Download: Android, iOS



                ringID is one of the very few apps out there in the market offering high-quality video calls over a slow internet or sluggish internet connection. If you are starting to make a video call over a congested network, ringID is probably the best video call app for you. It boasts many other features such as Newsfeed, Media Cloud, Secret Chat etc. But ringID has its downfall as well which can be overcome with a simple update or two.


Pros & Cons of ringID

Download: Android, iOS, Windows, Desktop, Web


I have tried to review all these applications from my point of view. Now it is your turn to start the conversation: Which one is the best video chat app for the year 2016.


ringID – one of the best apps for free video calling now available on Play Store, App Store, Windows Store and more!

Social media concepts of Facebook got a major change as new messaging applications launched features like free video calls and messaging. These days every social media application intends to include these options. But for most of these, the video call feature uses up an excessive mobile data. As not many countries are blessed with cheaper internet services, excessive data consumption can lead to an unsatisfactory communication experience from both ends. It seems newcomer ringID has noticed this issue and tries to solve the problem with its high-quality video calls which are engineered to consume less data without compromising on call quality.

best video chat apps

ringID – One of the best video chat apps

ringID, a secured application for exchanging messages, has decided to incorporate a bunch of features into it. Some of its popular features are broadcasting HD videos and sharing and streaming delightful songs. Not only that, you will be able to enjoy all these brand new features at a wonderfully low data usage rate.

For us, its best feature is how it ensures low bandwidth usage rate to enable you to make HD video calls to your friends and other relatives at the fastest times possible. It definitely gives ringID a clear edge over other video chat applications.

For example, where skype takes 30 kilobytes data per second and tango takes 60 kilobytes per second for performing a moderate video call, ringID takes only 12 kilobytes per second to do the very same. ringID has its own protocol for voice and video calls which enables it to implement a mechanism of using lower data rate for a better communication experience.

Video calling is amazingly easy with ringID. To start a video call, all you have to do is pick the person whom you want to call in the contact list and tap on his or her name. A set of functions will be available including video call. You just have to tap on that video call icon again and make video calls as you wish.

ringID’s well-managed architecture ensures that users are going to have a better video call function. Also with ringID, video calls between Android and iPhone will be a great experience for the users who suffer from a lack of fluency in communication across platforms.

Besides the addition of the HD video calling feature, you can also either stream or download all your favorite tracks by using its latest Media Cloud. Through this feature, you will be able to download songs or videos or upload so your friends can do the same, and enjoy those songs during your free time without connecting to the internet.

This brand new app, which has brilliantly displayed everything on the table to you, and simultaneously is saving a lot of space in your phone, runs perfectly in Windows, iOS, and Android. It is also available in desktop and web as well. It comes with all sorts of important features to be a complete social network, but it seems, its free video calls with low data consumption will give it a positive edge for becoming the best free video calling app among the available ones.

iOS Messaging Apps to dominate 2016

iOS apps 2016

iOS Applications download reach 25B!

Every technology unleashes a new form of human expression which never existed before. Now, technology has life itself, it has crossed the critical threats or evolution. People are self-aware, there has been a lot of technological change in hundred years. People are always worried to use new technologies, then they assimilate them and these technologies improve their lives. iPhone is one of the technologies that has improved and changed human life for communication.

Video calling has become a part of our daily activities, apple users are mostly comfortable with FaceTime. FaceTime has changed the trend of video chat app design which made other apps inspired. As these apps are available for android, they have become quite popular and can be an alternate to Facetime for android users. These apps are also popular among the apple users.

Facebook has been able to change the trend of socializing and part of daily communication. The most popular app for iOS after Facetime is Facebook Messenger. The app is an easy and convenient way of communication, which strictly focuses on messaging and available as a separate app outside the Facebook app. Facebook Messenger makes conversation more exciting with a huge collection of stickers including popular movies and cartoon characters. Users are able to share location, files, photos and videos instantly.  Now Facebook Messenger is providing free calls worldwide.

Whatsapp was recently acquired by Facebook, and still considered as one of the best apps for daily communication. Some users prefer Whatsapp more than Facebook Messenger because it’s more convenient, easy to use and supports over 30 languages. The app supports free call and free messaging worldwide. The platform is very stable while using chat or group chat. File transfer, sharing video, audio and locations with contacts are faster than any other commonly used messaging apps.

Viber is an app with most exciting features. Viber is populated with stickers which can be another option for chat. The app provides features of free video calls, free HD calls, free messaging and file sharing like other messaging apps. The app supports over 30 languages. It provides features’ of chat, group chat and public chat for celebrities and different communities. Recently, most users of Viber are considering the app as their second choice for fun communication because of its poor quality HD calls, issues with user confirmation call and text messages and comparatively slow platform. Users also complained about the app being unstable and slow. Users still prefer tweet to celeb communities or other popular communities instead of vibe.

Skype is the most useful app for communication, Microsoft doesn’t offer this app with bundles of attractive stickers, but this app has proved to be one the most convenient platform for communication worldwide. Users of Skype are completely dependent on the app. Like other apps, it supports share files, location and user profiles. Though Skype provides free calls, free video calls and free messaging with contacts, users have the capability to buy credit or Skype number. The new features of this app include display caller ID, users can provide their own phone number to Skype ID and the number will be displayed while making calls from Skype. The app is mostly used to make free video calls for personal and business purpose. Skype is a popular tool for business communication worldwide. The app is mostly used for free messaging, free calling and file sharing among the freelancers. Skype had launched free video calling 10 years ago, and now celebrating “10 years of Skype video”.

Google Hangouts supports sharing files and locations, free voice calls, free video calls and free messaging. It’s another stable platform for communication. Hangouts provide bundles of stickers which are not quite impressive.

Line has reached over 300 million users, and became an alternate messaging system for the users. The app supports share files and locations, free voice call, free video calls, free chat and group chat features with user profile and newsfeed. Line won the users’ heart with bundles of attractive bunny and bear stickers and themes. Line users can play with Line Play and apply effects to images by Line Brush Lite. Users able to sticker chat with their closest ones by using this app. Currently, Line users are having issues with log in via email, register, using stickers and late message delivery. The app has user complains about sending auto friend requests to synced contacts.

Another app is on the market which has just released its new version ringID. The app has quite impressive user reviews on app stores. Like other apps on app stores, the app has features for free chat, free video & voice call, profile and file sharing. The app has some features of social media like newsfeed, upload images with locations, share links and more. The most incredible feature of ringID is the unique ID, which is provided to the users. It can be added as a personal or business phone number and can be called using the app even the user doesn’t exist in the contact list. This ID can become user’s reachable number or ID that can be searched on ringID platform. Thus, users don’t need a caller ID. Users can customize their profile accessed by other users, they can block newsfeed and allow messaging and calls from other users. Social media platforms usually prefer third party apps online when talking about music. ringID has its own player and providing features to import music from friend list, create own playlist and download music. ringID Voice calls are uninterrupted and video calls support extreme data consumption. The app is a complete package combined with social media and messaging app platforms. ringID can be a tool for personal and business communication.